JPIV is a complete, open source, and platform independent software for 2D Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). JPIV is written in Java and thus not rely on a special operating environment or Matlab; although you can integrate scripts into the JPIV workflow that are written in Matlab, Octave, Python or other languages. JPIV is widely used in many fields of research.

Check out the Quick Start Video on Vimeo!


Running JPIV

Prerequisite: A Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

  1. Download the zip-archive.
  2. Extract it to your hard disc.
  3. Open a terminal and cd into the new directory.
  4. Execute java -jar JPIV.jar.

If you experience an out of memory error or poor performance, increase the avalable memory: To allow up to four gigabytes, type java -jar -Xmx4G JPIV.jar

JPIV user interface

Using JPIV

Extending JPIV

JPIV in Research

Check out the creative output of JPIV users on Google Scholar. A few, selected examples:


I developed JPIV in the scope of the work on my PhD thesis about micro-scale blood flow measurements. Since 2004, JPIV is in use for research and education and constantly maintained. In 2020, a collaboration with the OpenPIV project has started. As a first step, a simple GUI has been introduced, with a workflow that resembles JPIV.

Other open source PIV projects:

AnaPIV (Pascal; binaries for Mac and Windows)
GPIV (C; binaries for Linux)
ImageJ plugin (Java)
OpenPIV (C/C++/Matlab/Python; binaries for Windows)
OSIV (C/Matlab; binaries for Linux, Matlab Toolbox for Mac and Windows)
PPIV (C++; build instructions for Linux-cluster)

Projects that rely solely on Matlab:

Closed source downloads:
PIVview (demo binaries for Linux, Windows, and Mac)